Always Reliable Service

Busy executives and management teams know time is one of the most valuable commodities in business. A corporate promotion, valuable face time with shareholders and partners around the world, meeting with a valued client, board meeting, Davos Summit, Industry Convention, meetings with government representatives and with business partners are ideal business trips for Jet Card Members.

Less Time on the Ground:

Since private jets have access to more airports than commercial planes, the airports are typically less congested and are usually better positioned to travel to your destination by ground transportation.

Faster Trip:

Private Jets climb faster than commercial planes, allowing for a smoother ride at higher altitudes. Flying at higher altitudes also allows for more direct routes with commercial airlines typically flying at lower altitude and more weather.

Privacy & Productivity in the Air:

Productivity is one of the main reasons companies fly private. A 2009 National Business Aviation Association Survey found Executives are 20% more productive flying on a company aircraft compared to working in the office. Those who chose to fly commercial found a 40% drop in productivity.

At a commercial airport or in an airplane, you never know who is listening to your conversations. Be confident knowing that confidential conversations will stay private when flying private.

“Companies that utilize business aircraft outperform non-aviation users in several important financial measures, including annual earnings growth, stock and dividend growth, total share price, market capitalization and other financial yardsticks.”- NBAA

“Business aircraft users have a dominant presence on “best of the best” lists for the most innovative, most admired, best brands and best places to work, as well as dominate the lists of companies strongest in corporate governance and responsibility, revenue growth and market share, indicating that business aviation is the sign of a well-managed global company” – NBAA