Jet Sourcing Company

Advanced Jets is a Jet Sourcing Company

We search for the best aircraft for your customized flight, comparing details such as aircraft type, ceiling heights, pilot hours, interior cabin features including Wi-Fi and safety audits. Advanced Jets creates competition between fleets and owners of jets who bid for your trip. We verify each quote and look at SMS, Safety Management Systems and potential back up aircraft. Our preferred relationships with certain dispatch and fleet managers determine the best pricing and availability of aircraft. We then present you with the best aircraft options for your trip.


  • On average, our elite clients often receive complimentary upgrades on every 4th flight.


  • Empty Legs
  • True One Way Prices
  • Point-to-Point Pricing
  • No Ferry Fees
  • Hourly Jet Cards Membership


  • We are available to you 24/7
  • Flight following
  • Crew Reports
  • Present actual cabin interiors