Reliability & Accessibility

Why is Advanced Jets Reliable?

Advanced Jets is committed to flying you efficiently to your destination. Our combination of safety procedures and personalized service make Advanced Jets the best choice for private aviation.

Whether it is tracking your flight or meeting you on the tarmac with a friendly driver ready to drive you to your next destination, Advanced Jets’ service is setting a higher standard.

With access to over 3,200 aircraft in North America alone, Advanced Jets has the experience to fly you to over 5,000 airports in North America. Please allow our flight managers to quote your next round trip or one way flight. We prefer Wyvern and ARGUS Safety Audited aircraft.

We specialize in airports underserved or not served by commercial Airlines for facility tours, vacations, weddings, one way yacht drops, wedding & honeymoons and medical trips.

“Business aviation reaches 10 times the number of U.S. airports (over 5,000 public-use facilities) than the airlines do. The majority of U.S. airline flights only go to and from 70 major airports, and the total number of U.S. destinations served by air carriers has declined.” – NBAA, National Business Aviation Association