Safety Standards & Requirements

Safety is our number #1 Priority at Advanced Jets

The Safety of our clients is our greatest concern at Advanced Jets, so we prefer to book your trip flight with ARGUS Safety Audit and Wyvern Safety Standard aircraft. ARGUS and Wyvern are the aviation industry’s leading independent safety auditing companies, and Safety Audit status is awarded to operators who meet stringent criteria and successfully complete regularly scheduled safety audits, administered by trained and experienced aviation auditing professionals evaluating the operator against industry best practice standards. Feel confident in the safety of your aircraft knowing Advanced Jets prides itself flying on selecting crew and aircraft that meet these high standards.

“To ensure the aircraft and crew you’re getting are up to snuff, ask for an Argus TripCHEQ or Wyvern PASS report, offered by the two largest private jet safety firms — Argus International Inc. and Wyvern Consulting Ltd. — which audit charter companies and conduct background checks on crew members, making sure pilots have the requisite number of flying hours for the specific type of aircraft. Either your jet sourcing company or the private jet company itself (if you’re booking directly) should be able to provide this.” – WSJ

Advanced Jets safety protocol includes:

  1. Expert Guidance
  2. Supported by Facts
  3. Established Standards
  4. Pilot Qualifications
  5. Constant Oversight
  6. Flight Review
  7. Flight Following & Crew Report