Advanced Jets is a Leader in Private Aviation.

 Jet Cards

Private Jet cards are tailor designed based upon your needs to give you the newest jets at the most economical prices. We use ten (10) year or newer aircraft and add you as an additional insured for each flight mission.

Flight Quotes

Please quote your next trip with Advanced Jets. Advanced Jets is the price leader in the industry. Our long-standing industry relationships and focus on efficiency allow us to pass unmatched savings to our clients.

 Elite Membership

Elite Members are offered complimentary catering and ground transportation, hotel upgrades, concert tickets and event invitations. Elite Membership offers our clients upgraded aircraft after the first three (3) flight missions.

 Dream Flights

Dream flights are the opportunity to fly around the world or around the state with a private jet. To a beach on a remote island or a business meeting in Shanghai, Dream flights are for the elite private flier who needs a private jet for a wedding, honeymoon or a weekend getaway to Las Vegas or beyond.

Advanced Jets is a Leader in Private Jet Aviation

Advanced Jets is a private jet aviation company with white glove and red carpet service for regional and transcontinental flights within North America. Download our brochure here.